At Guardian Point we specialize in handler and canine training for tactical units. We offer the following courses:

  • Gunfire Neutralization and Tactical Obedience
  • Advanced Tactical K9 Integration
  • Tactical Area Search

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This training includes teaching canine teams how to effectively train and detect explosives, narcotics and other targets of interest. We have extensive experience with specialized detection work. In an era of unparalleled movement of goods both domestically and internationally, the transfer of contraband and hazardous materials are a growing threat. Guardian Point is dedicated to teaching canine teams how to effectively train and detect any target of interest. Current course offerings include:

  • Advanced Detection
  • Advanced Off Leash Detection
  • Buried Odor Detection

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Guardian Point participates in research and development projects with government agencies, private companies and universities. Other contracted services include personal /executive protection and security canine teams.
We offer tailored program planning, start up, evaluation and advanced scenario setup for our clients’ specific needs. Equipment consultation is also available.
Having the right equipment to do the job is critical. We are dedicated to supplying our clients with the best equipment on the market. This equipment includes training devices and tactical gear.

Our Clients consist of state and federal law enforcement, government agencies, U.S. Military, private companies, and foreign partners.