Working Dog Weight Pulling Harness – Made in USA


The ACAP Pull harness was designed specifically for pulling.  The contours of the harness match the specific pull points on a canine’s torso.  Mil-spec resin coated Nylon webbing, having a break strength of 6K lbs forms the body of the harness.  For added comfort we lined the harness using polyester Air mesh.

A handle was added on top for training and assistance when needed.  The handle is similar to a mil-spec drag handle on a ballistic vest.  The V-ring for attaching to a weight sled, is forged steel and is rated at 4K lbs.  The special spacer bar consists of a wooden dowel enclosed with Schedule 40 PVC and stainless steel hardware. Made in the USA.

*For this product, please allow 60-90 days for shipping*