Canine Auditory Protection System (CAPS)


**This product will only be sold to US military and first responders for the next few months. Anyone interested should contact us directly for purchase at 910-986-0317**


The CAPS is currently available in small, medium, and large sizes. More sizes are currently in development. To determine the correct size for your dog, measure the circumference of the dog’s head according to the diagram below. Measure around the widest point of the dog’s head, in front of the ears and under the jaw. Once you have your measurement, refer to the sizing chart below to determine the best size.


High noise levels during training, transport, and operations can cause temporary and permanent hearing loss in working dogs. Even a short helicopter flight can affect a dogs hearing, resulting in impaired performance (i.e. inability to hear the handler’s commands).

Cumulative exposure can result in permanent hearing loss, reducing the dog’s working life. The CAPS was developed for the United States Military through the Army Research Office and evaluated by Dr. Pete “Skip” Scheifele MD, PhD, LCDR USN (Ret) of the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Scheifele is the leading animal audiology expert in the world today. The evaluations done by Dr. Scheifele produced legitimate scientific data that support the fact that the CAPS significantly reduce the damaging effects of loud noises on your working dog’s ears. Learn more about Dr. Scheifele’s research on the efficacy of the CAPS.

Borrowing from the automotive industry, the CAPS utilizes lightweight, high-quality acoustic absorption materials to block unwanted sounds. Unlike conventional hearing protection, the CAPS is constructed of flexible materials, easily conforming to the unique shape of a canine’s head. This flexibility is key to ensuring proper sealing around the ear and maximum sound reduction. The “Snood” style headgear was design to uniformly distribute the pressure required to hold the hearing protection in place, avoiding difficulties associated with straps. Finally, at just over an inch thick, the CAPS low profile will not be a hindrance when working in tight spaces and is compatible with other gear used by working dogs.

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