D-Co is a network that provides Leadership and Training to National Law Enforcement, US Military and Corporate agencies. We are honored to have served with the best servicemen and women in our Nation. As they retire from military service, they have a deep commitment to share lessons learned from leading people all over the world, to enhance the security and prosperity of our Nation. D-CO is organized to bring these extraordinary citizens to your Company or Team. Review our Snaplink training programs at
Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center is one of the best animal hospitals in the world today. Their team of Veterinarians are available to help educate, guide, and assist pet owners in making decisions for their pet’s long term health. They provide in house laboratory, pharmacy, CT, MRI & Ultrasound imaging on site as well as the ability to provide expertise in nutrition, exercise, and preventative medicine.

Strategic Veterinary Services provides the best K9 life-saving medical training and instruction for combat and law enforcement operations. They also provide canine conditioning program development, as well as consultation in canine nutrition, kennel design and equipment.
RexSpecs is a company that believes life is better living together. They celebrate active, full lives lived with dogs by providing easy-to-use, performance-driven dog gear. Their dog goggles are the highest quality eye protection on the market today. These goggles are used to protect against almost anything imaginable – dust and debris from rotor wash during helicopter deployments, UV rays on mountain hikes or simple walks, bugs and wind during sidecar rides, or punctures from sticks and thorns while chasing birds or squirrels. You name it – RexSpecs has you covered.
Guardian Group is a nationwide team comprised of former elite military and special operations personnel who partner with active duty law enforcement agencies to put an end to sex-trafficking in the United States. Our team draws upon decades of experience fusing intelligence and operations to achieve counter network effects against sex-trafficking on the national level. We focus on predators and their networks, specifically those involved in child sex-trafficking with the intent to gain an offensive advantage against this problem. While the rescue and recovery of children is paramount, our offensive advantage enables us to disrupt the exploitation cycle before rescue becomes necessary. Guardian Group is a non- profit that hires retiring U.S. Veterans from Army Special Operations Forces, specifically those within the intelligence, analytics and tactical divisions of the force.
K9s4COPs is a foundation formed to address the need for funding the purchase of K9s for law enforcement agencies. K9s are incredible partners that assist both Law Enforcement and Military units in ways other tools cannot. K9s4COPS bridges that gap to ensure K9 cost never keeps an officer from having a K9 asset.
High Noon Holsters is a company that produces some of the highest quality holsters and leather equipment on the market today. They produce holsters, belts and K9 equipment. Their dedication to providing law enforcement, military and the average gun enthusiast with the best product is unmatched.