Tactical Canine Training Courses

This course teaches the K9, the handler and the team how to integrate together during high-risk building clearing operations. The focus will be teaching the K9 to discriminate between the team and the threat based on the team’s appearance, actions and commands. The course will include: movement to breach, actions at breach, off lead clearing tactics (rooms, hallways, stairwells, intersections), detection operations and realistic scenarios. Day and night training will take place during this course.
Conducting an area search can be one of the most dangerous and challenging operations a K9 team can conduct. Hasty planning is critical for success, yet it is something that is rarely trained or practiced. The action of “planning” is of absolute benefit towards the success of any mission. Collaborative planning with everyone on the operation, when time permits, does several things. First, it allows everyone to contribute to the planning effort, therefore gaining buy-in. The ones assuming the most risk should have a say in what happens. Also when you have a plan, you can immediately recognize when things go wrong and make adjustments. This allows your team to operate in a more efficient manner which in turn makes you able to respond to situations faster. This course is designed to help agencies refine their hasty planning process for area search operations. It focuses on teaching specific planning tools, lessons learned from real-world operations, and practical exercises.

Veterinary Courses

The day-to-day training and routine kennel work is when 90% of canine medical issues occur. Recognizing, and avoiding the common “Disease Non-Battle Injuries” will keep your Canine in the fight and ready to respond when the call comes for action. This course covers kennel design and maintenance, canine care and husbandry, basic First-Aid for the kennel, preparing and maintaining the kennel and range K9 First Aid kit. This course also covers basic canine anatomy and lifesaving procedures and techniques.