Tactical Canine Training Courses

This course teaches the K9, the handler and the team how to integrate together during high-risk building clearing operations. The focus will be teaching the K9 to discriminate between the team and the threat based on the team’s appearance, actions and commands. The course will include: movement to breach, actions at breach, off lead clearing tactics (rooms, hallways, stairwells, intersections), detection operations and realistic scenarios. Day and night training will take place during this course.

Canine Detection Courses

This course teaches the handler how to enhance the detection capabilities of their K-9. Working dog olfaction has been researched heavily over the last decade of warfare and as a direct result, we are able to reduce odor amounts significantly as well as increase the intensity of the search from the canine. Finally, the K-9 will be trained to detect target odors on people moving through an environment.

Veterinary Courses

The day-to-day training and routine kennel work is when 90% of canine medical issues occur. Recognizing, and avoiding the common “Disease Non-Battle Injuries” will keep your Canine in the fight and ready to respond when the call comes for action. This course covers kennel design and maintenance, canine care and husbandry, basic First-Aid for the kennel, preparing and maintaining the kennel and range K9 First Aid kit. This course also covers basic canine anatomy and lifesaving procedures and techniques.