About Guardian Point

Guardian Point was incorporated in 2014 to provide clients with a broad range of innovative canine capabilities to meet the security and detection needs of the modern world. As kidnappings, terrorist attacks and bomb threats continue to make headlines, the founders of Guardian Point realized they had the skills to meet these challenges. These skills revolve around harnessing the canines' natural abilities to provide force protection and hazard detection in any situation. Our goal is to train and equip capable canine teams that can operate independently in every environment imaginable.

Years of Combined Canine Experience

The Team

Dr. Sean McPeck, Veterinarian
Dr. Sean McPeck entered his Military service in 1996. Since then he has worked his way through various leadership positions, both Active Duty, National Guard, Enlisted, and as an Officer. Dr. McPeck Served as a Sniper Team Leader and as a Veterinarian while with the United States Special Operations Command. He has a combined canine experience of 18 years. While pursuing both his Biology Degree and his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, Sean continued his service in both LRSD and National Guard Special Forces units as a Search and Rescue Team Leader, and an Operations Officer. He has held positions as a State Department military contractor, working in remote, austere, environments in Africa. As a veterinarian, Dr. McPeck has had 3 combat deployments to Afghanistan, totaling over 15 months in combat theaters of operation. While deployed, Dr. McPeck oversaw the construction of canine kennels, built and ran a veterinary field hospital, received canine MEDEVACs at every level, conducted numerous life saving surgeries, and provided point of care veterinary support during Direct Action operations on high value targets. Sean has operated in every type of environment with canines, both in combat and training scenarios. As a Special Operations Veterinarian, Dr. McPeck authored and implemented the first Comprehensive Canine Conditioning Program, which is currently still being conducted by multiple SOCOM units. He was also accountable for all the preventative care, nutrition, and husbandry of hundreds of Military Working Dogs. Sean also created training and certification classes for dog handlers to be proficient in Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and knowledge of current medical equipment and procedures, which led to the successful life saving interventions by handlers in real world operations. Dr. McPeck has traveled throughout the US and abroad, training and briefing handlers on K9 husbandry, and veterinary care. He has also worked to rehabilitate canines who have suffered from both mental and physical trauma. Dr. McPeck is a subject matter expert with real world experience in:
  • K9 trauma care
  • Veterinary medical training, both basic and advanced for Handlers
  • Veterinary medical training for the human Physician
  • Pre-deployment readiness
  • K9 Selection
  • K9 behavior, CPTSD (Canine Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • K9 Husbandry, and nutrition
  • K9 Conditioning and longevity
  • K9 Environmental stimulation, and environmental stress deconfliction
  • K9 program start up
  • K9 casualty movement (these include MEDEVAC/CASEVAC, extraction, vehicle and rotary wing operations)
  • Counterterrorism operations
  • Tactics
  • Close Quarters Battle
  • Sniper, Advanced marksmanship
  • Hand-to-hand combatives (semi-pro MMA, Boxing, and BJJ competitor)
Alan Siering, President/Lead Tactical Trainer

SGM (ret) Siering has 23 years of military service, 17 of which were with the United States Special Operations Command and 10 of that working around and with K9s.He has held positions as a Team member, K9 handler, Team Leader and K9 Program manager. SGM (ret) Siering conducted six combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. He handled canines on five of these deployments. On those deployments, SGM (ret) Siering conducted over 400 direct action missions against enemy combatants in hostile territory. He used canines successfully for real world apprehensions and explosives finds. SGM (ret) Siering has operated in every type of environment with canines, including permissive, semi-permissive and non-permissive. As a program manager, SGM (ret) Siering was accountable for all aspects of his organization’s K9 section, including dogs, handlers, funding, training, and veterinary care. SGM (ret) Siering is also an explosives expert which has helped immensely when it comes to detection operations.

SGM (ret) Siering travels throughout the US and abroad, training and briefing handlers on K9 operations.

SGM (ret) Siering is a subject matter expert with real world experience in:

  • Counterterrorism operations
  • Close Quarters Battle
  • K9 program start up
  • K9/Handler selection and training
  • Explosives
  • Tactics
  • K9 Infiltration/exfiltration techniques (these include Military free fall operations, fast rope/rappelling, vehicle and rotary wing operations)
  • K9 detection operations
  • K9 tactical operations
  • K9 tactical movement
  • Tactical area search techniques
  • K9 trauma care
  • Advanced marksmanship
  • Advanced breaching techniques
  • Hand-to-hand combatives (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt)
Dr. Michael S. Davis, Veterinary Physiologist
Dr. Michael S. Davis is a veterinary physiologist and board-certified specialist in veterinary internal medicine and veterinary sports medicine at Oklahoma State University where he conducts research on animal exercise physiology and performance. A major focus of his research activities over the last 2 decades has been and continues to be the physiology and pathophysiology of fatigue in canine athletes, including strategies and techniques to improve exercise endurance and avoid exercise-related injury and disease in working dogs. This work has spanned the full spectrum of scientific endeavors, from original field studies in remote/austere environments in which dogs are most likely to be challenged to the creation of educational materials suitable for every level of canine professional. His studies have produced practical, actionable information for use by dog handlers every day, from understanding the dietary and water intake requirements to monitoring for the avoidance of fatigue and heat-related injury. Dr. Davis has partnered with Guardian Point to provide scientific oversight and educational materials in Guardian Point’s electronic and in-person educational materials, including the revolutionary Advanced Canine Athletic Program app.